Since 1957, the Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officials Association (OMCTFOA) has promoted, enhanced and encouraged the professional development and standing of clerks, treasurers and finance officials through cooperative communication, education and training.

Many seminars, trainings and workshops offer valuable information to the clerks and treasurers across the state. You can find many of these listed on our website under the events tab or in the OMCTFOA newsletter. Experience and Education are both extremely important in acquiring certification designations at a national level so be sure to join us in our many endeavors.

I encourage you to become a part of this organization and take part in the many educational and networking opportunities offered. OMCTFOA hosts a fall conference each year and this will be the 67th, which will tentatively take place at the Stride Center in Enid, Oklahoma. For this year’s conference, we offer five first-time attendee scholarships, which are due by August 1, 2024. The organization also offers three scholarships to the spring Institute and Academy and one scholarship to a national conference of your choice (IIMC, APT US&C or GFOA), which is due by January 1 each year. We all know that at times, things can get a little overwhelming, but there is help and a lot of networking amongst us.

I am so excited to serve as your 2024 OMCTFOA President.  As the new President of OMCTFOA, I am thrilled to work alongside our dedicated Board.  We are composed of members who share a love for our jobs and a vision of growth and development for our Organization.  I will strive to use my leadership and communication skills to advocate for all of the opportunities available to our members.  We are here to serve you and your needs at all times so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our board members.  A list of the current board members will be on the website at www.omctfoa.com.  Please email info@omctfoa.com for additional information, concerns or suggestions you may have.

Much thanks for the opportunity to serve,

Cynthia Wayman

2024 OMCTFOA President

City Clerk/Treasurer

City of McLoud